After over a decade of producing our Stealth Tank and the quest to constantly better our product ,we went back to the drawing board for 2016.
We have Selected Weldon Racing Pumps to be the supplier of drop in pumps for our ultra high horsepower capable Bullet Tank. The Choice was easy, Race Proven, and an Aerospace background. After all, in the air you don’t get a second chance.

Updated pictures of the drop in line of Weldon pumps coming soon…

Compatible Models

1955-57 CHEVROLET 16 Gallon *
1955-57 CHEVY 22.GAL *
1967-68 F BODY
1969 F BODY
1970-73 F BODY
1964-67 A BODY
1968-72 A BODY
1962-67 X BODY
1968-72 X BODY
1978-87 G BODY
FORD TRUCK 1953 - 1956
FORD TRUCK 1957 - 1959
FORD TRUCK 1960 - 1966
FORD TRUCK 1967 - 1972
1968-70 CORONET
1968-70 SATELITE
1968-72 CHARGER
* Call 915.760.4388 for availability


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