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You can reach us at 915.760.4388 or by emailing tech@rickstanks.com
When emailing please allow up to 24 hours for a response due to high traffic.


What Fuel Line do I use? :
We always recommend using Stainless hardline wherever possible. We also recommend the use of high pressure 37* (AN STYLE) Fittings for all joints.
When Stainless hardline cannot be used re recommend the use of PTFE lined hose.

Does my fuel tank need to be vented? :
Yes, the fuel tank or cell requires venting to the outside of the vehicle. Do not use a vented gas cap in lieu of a true tank or cell vent.

Should I use a relay or a fuse when running an electric fuel pump? If so, what size relay or fuse I use? What size wire should I use? :
Yes, a relay and a fuse should be used – they should be sized to match the maximum allowable amperage of the given pump. This information can be found on the pump’s supplied flow chart. The wire size to use should be no smaller than what is supplied with the motor.

Sending Units:
We only recommend the use of our Tube Style sending units in the tank.
They Have two wires , Black to Ground and White to gauge.
They are available in many different ohm readings and need to correspond with the gauge unless you are using an in line link.