System Configuration

Get the most out of your fuel system using the below formula and the BSFC (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption) Multiplier for your fuel, and induction type to determine the fuel consumption of your engine at a given horsepower level.

N/A HP X .55= LB/HR X .63 = Liters Per Hour (LPH)
Forced Air HP X.65= LB/HR X .63 = Liters Per Hour (LPH)

N/A HP X .78= LB/HR X .63 = Liters Per Hour (LPH)
Forced Air HP X .91= LB/HR X .63 = Liters Per Hour (LPH)


Capability of our Pumps

  • 255LPH Pump
    750 HP CARB N/A
    600 HP EFI N/A
    450 HP CARB Forced Induction
    600 HP EFI Forced Induction
  • 340 LPH Pump
    1000 HP CARB N/A
    850 HP EFI N/A
    850 HP CARB Forced Induction
    700 HP EFI Forced Induction
  • 400 LPH Pump
    1200 HP CARB N/A
    1050 HP EFI N/A
    900 HP CARB Forced Induction
    750 HP EFI Forced Induction
  • 450 LPH Pump
    1300 HP CARB N/A
    1100 HP EFI N/A
    950 HP CARB Forced Induction
    800 HP EFI Forced Induction
    900 HP CARB N/A E-85
    750 HP EFI N/A E-85
    700 HP CARB Forced Induction E-85
    550 HP EFI Forced Induction E-85
  • Weldon Pump