We have 3 Different weld in fuel pump retainer ring options.

  • Billet 6061 aluminum weld in ring P/N 27001
  • Billet stainless weld in ring P/N 27002
  • 304 Stainless plate which incorporates  a stamped lock ring and an aftermarket sending unit provision P/N 27003

All rings include stamped top lock ring and Viton gasket to seal pump.

*This Kit is will accept our 255, 340,400, and 450 E-85 Compatible Billet Pump hats, and Can also accommodate a second pump to run in parallel. This system is capable of supporting 2000 horsepower.  Our Billet Pump hats include an adjustable height anodized spun aluminum baffle reservoir to ensure there is always fuel at the pickup.   By using a metal V.S. a Foam/Rubber bucket means there will be no materiel to breakdown and clog your fuel filter after a few years.

In addition this platform will accommodate 2010-2015 Camaro SS, ZL1 and Cadillac CTSV Pump Modules when 6.5″-6.625″ Internal tank depth can be achieved.

Billet Single Pump Hat Kits (includes spun aluminum baffle reservoir)

  • 255 LPH P/N 25251
  • 340 LPH P/N 25341
  • 400 LPH P/N 25400
  • 450 LPH P/N 25450 (E-85)

Billet Dual Pump Hat Kits (includes spun aluminum baffle reservoir)

  • 510 LPH P/N 25252
  • 680 LPH P/N 25342
  • 800 LPH P/N 25402
  • 900 LPH P/N 25452 (E-85)


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