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Rick's stainless steel gas tanks are a direct replacement for OE tanks. All tanks and parts are fabricated in house at Rick's to ensure the highest quality for a long lasting and trouble free product. Each tank is hand formed from 304 grade stainless steel and TIG welded. All tanks feature a unique baffle system that controls fuel tank slosh. Each tank features baffling that runs from front to rear, side to side, and surrounds fuel pickups to eliminate fuel starvation during acceleration and hard braking. All fittings and Year One mounting flanges for fuel sending units and fuel pumps are CNC machined from 304 stainless steel stock to a thickness of 3/8''. Each tank comes with stainless mounting straps and hardware, and all tanks have a brushed finish for easy up-keep.

  • Chevy Tri-Five
  • Chevy Nova
  • Chevy Chevelle
  • Camaro
  • Ford Mustang
  • Dodge Challanger
  • Plymouth Cuda

Carbureted Fuel Tanks:

Muscle car stainless steel gas tank by Rick's * These fuel tanks are for carbureted vehicles and our unique style of baffling, not found in O.E. tanks, will out perform all stock tanks. Each one of our carbureted tanks have a 3/8'' NPT fuel supply.

Fuel Injection In-Tank Pump Systems:

  • These tanks are designed to retro fit fuel injected motors in most popular Chevrolet, Ford, and Mopar muscle cars.
  • System includes an installed fuel pump, ready to run.
  • Fuel Pump Specs: Supports up to 450 HP. @ 13.5 volts pump and is rated for 51 PSI and will flow 41GPH. (155.2 LPH)
  • Replacement AC Delco fuel pumps are readily available at your local GM dealer, GM part number EP381.
  • Pump sits in separate chamber within the tank to eliminate starvation during low tank levels.
  • All tanks are baffled to control fuel tank slosh.
  • Works just like an O.E. in tank system and features -6 A.N. supply and -6 A.N. return. 
  • Power is transferred to the pump via the electrical terminals located at the top of the injection provision.
  • In tank pump for fuel injection performs like an O.E. System which means added reliability. All injected tanks have a -6 supply and -6 return.
  • Note: Any interruption in fuel flow will cause an injected motor to stall. With the Rick's Fuel Pump Chamber, flow interruption is eliminated. this will eliminate any interruption in flow.

Sump Style Fuel Tanks:

  • Sumps provide a low point for fuel to flow, which will ensure maximum pressure to your fuel line.
  • Best suited for aftermarket pumps that will not siphon fuel from the tank, but instead, push it away from the tank.
  • Two ½'' NPT outlets * sump dimensions are 10''L x 7''W x 3''D 
  • The Mini-Tub tanks are narrowed 3'' per side to allow movement inboard of the leaf springs.
  • Narrowed tanks have an increased depth of 1'' to regain lost capacity

New tanks

1974-1981 F-body 1974 to 1981 GM F Body and 1973 to 1979 GM X Body tank. Available with an in tank fuel pump. Please call us at 915.760.4388 for details. Most tanks are in stock and ready to ship.